EPAD Support

Support Surgeries for individuals and companies.

EPAD has run regular Support Surgeries since October 2015. Since that time we have provided individually tailored support to 234 artists and producers who work in Edinburgh’s performing arts sector.

If you are a performing artist or producer based in Edinburgh – either working independently or as a small company – and have a question, an issue or an idea you would like to discuss with an informed industry peer, you can book a slot to meet experienced EPAD advisors Lucy Mason and Nicholas Bone.

Examples of the sort of support you might be looking for could include: advice on budgeting, advice on print production or website design, help creating a business plan, having someone read over a funding application, contacts and strategies for effective networking, support or advice on the development of a project idea, or help identifying new creative partners.

We have compiled a sizeable database of people working across a range of performing arts organisations in Edinburgh who are committed to sharing their time, expertise and resources with our network. Following an initial consultation with us, we will seek to match you with someone who can help to meet your needs.

When you book a slot you will be asked to give us a brief description of your practice and how long you have been working in Edinburgh; and to tell us more about the support you seek.

To make sure you are notified about forthcoming Support Surgeries, please join our mailing list.

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Please note the following terms of engagement for EPAD Support

Independent artists, companies and producers are invited to sign up to meet with the EPAD team at monthly surgeries. These surgeries are limited and places will be allocated on a first come, first served basis.

EPAD does not guarantee to provide support to you or your project.

Any support offered is given in good faith, and no EPAD personnel, its partners or advisors can be held responsible for the impact or outcome of any guidance, support or advice provided.

EPAD aims to match the needs of independent artists, companies or producers with others in the city who have relevant experience, expertise or resources.  It is unlikely to match you with someone with whom you already have, or have had, a working relationship.

EPAD will not act as a substitute for an existing relationship previously funded or supported through other sources.

EPAD is a pilot project and any support offered will be time-limited.

All those in receipt of support from EPAD agree to respect the following principles of good practice which underpin EPAD:

  • respect
  • confidentiality
  • generosity
  • honesty
  • mutuality
  • professionalism