Clifton Hall

Clifton Hall School on the west of Edinburgh, just outside Ratho is looking to identify a core group of partners and users, who would be interested in using their current drama facilities during evenings, weekends and holidays. The fully accessible facilities consist of a 14.8m x 9.3 room with 3 further breakout rooms, the largest being 9.3m x 5.3m (see photos below). The rooms have recently been developed as a drama and performing arts space to answer a need for the school  and will be a permanent fixture. There is also a plan to develop another part of the school into a rehearsal and performance space.

Clifton Hall School is a small, through-education private school, which caters for a maximum of 400 pupils. The school has a desire to widen their community activity and partnerships, as they feel they have an asset which could be used by many others apart from the pupils on a daily basis. The ethos of the school is to develop every child to its full potential through arts, sports and academically enabling them to reach their potential in whatever form that may take. The school would like to work with partners in the arts field in a similar way to what it is doing in the sport environment, where pupils of the school are joining the clubs that use the facilities in the evenings etc.

The school would like to establish partnerships within the arts which could see benefits to the pupils through linking up with the existing performing arts departments in both drama and music.

The school is aware that there is an issue about availability and affordability of space in Edinburgh and this exercise to engage is genuine and not led by any commercial need, rather a philosophy of community engagement and maximising use of facilities when pupils are not in school. The school also knows that Sundays are a struggle for provision in Edinburgh and there is often a requirement for Friday evening, Saturday/Sunday workshops/training space and this is certainly not an issue for the school as there are no restrictions on the use of this space at weekends.

The school would like to offer the facilities from January 2017 and are looking for partners who would want regular bookings and who may be looking for a long term development of rehearsal and performance facilities which the school hopes to develop with community partners moving forward.

If you are interested in this opportunity, please get in touch with Wendy Sheldrick about what type of regular use you are looking for, either via email, or phone 01620 895900.

Main hall
Main studio, including mirror wall
Main studio
Access path to studio.
Access to studio